Terms of service ILIAS University of Cologne

Terms of service for the central ILIAS installation of the University of Cologne

Cologne, March 15th, 2021

1. User agreement
All members of the University of Cologne are entitled to use ILIAS for their own purposes of research, teaching and studies. A use of this installation of ILIAS for non-university purposes, particularly for private or commercial use, is not permitted.

2. Login data
Employees and students (including guest students) are usually provided with their login data via the Regional Computing Centre (RRZK) which are also used for login in ILIAS. Passing on the access data to third parties is not allowed.

3. User names
The user name must be entered in a free text field. Since ILIAS is a learning management system, an identifying user name must be selected here for didactic reasons. If user names as used that differ from the RRZK-ID, it must be sure that they are obviously specific to the person. Fun names are not permitted as user names. The CompetenceCenter E-Learning can rename accounts with such names or allow exceptions in reasonable cases. The first and last names as well as the user name of the users are displayed to the course administrators and course members in the assigned ILIAS objects (e.g. courses, groups, forums or while using the internal mail system).

4. User data in the personal profile
Every user can freely determine which personal information should be added to his/her personal profile and make it visible for other users of the learning platform.

5. Course-specific user-data
Course-administrators, department-administrators and the CompetenceCenter E-Learning can see the information and data which participants actively leave behind in the courses. The usage of this data is permitted for purposes of course administration or to ensure operability and for the optimization of the system. The data protection regulations are considered here.

6. Uploading content
Users can upload content (e.g. texts and media files) into the central ILIAS platform of the University of Cologne, but they have to ensure themselves that they are entitled to do so (e.g. copyright, trademark rights, personal rights). It is not permitted to distribute content in the central ILIAS platform of the University of Cologne with no corresponding rights of usage. Furthermore, it is not allowed to upload or distribute any content with racist, xenophobic, political extreme, religious extreme or sexual and offensive nature. A polite and respectful tone is expected in the personal interaction with one another. The central ILIAS platform and its internal mail system are not to be used for advertisement or the distribution of SPAM.

7. Usage of content
The dissemination of content which is provided in the central ILIAS installation is only allowed with the consent of the respective rights holder, in case of doubt with the CompetenceCenter E-Learning; this also applies to forum posts or messages from the internal mail system of ILIAS.

8. Creating accounts for external users
Lecturers and teaching employees of the University of Cologne can request access to the central ILIAS installation for people outside the university within the scope of their tasks in the university. In such cases we suggest to contact the CompetenceCenter E-Learning.

These terms of service can be changed unilaterally by the University of Cologne. Users are automatically informed about the changes.

Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Beatrix Busse

CompetenceCenter E-Learning
Mark Kusserow, Anja Loewe and Himanshi Braun
Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies
University of Cologne
50923 Cologne
+49 (0)221 470-1357 / 1358 / 1359
email: elearning-ilias (at) uni-koeln.de