Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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All employees receive a personnel-account via the data center of the University of Cologne (RRZK). After the data center has created your account, you will receive two letters to activate your account: One letter will contain your PKZ (personal mark) and the other your PIN (personal identification number). Follow the link for an instruction to activate your account.
If you cannot find your PIN please contact the RRZK. You find help and information on the personnel account website of the RRZK
While your first registration in ILIAS: Accept our terms of use and complete your profile. Your account will immediately be activated after your saving.
Sometimes it takes some time until you can use your ILIAS account. If you will not be able to log in into ILIAS 24 hours after you registered please send us a support request via our support form .

While the creation of your personnel account the identity management of the RRZK will generate a name for your account. This name mostly is a combination of your family name and the first letter of your first name. Use this combination to log into ILIAS. If you know your webmail account, your username can be read as follows: your username therefore is jdoe1.
The personnel accounts are managed by the identity-management-system administrated via the RRZK. If any problem with your account occurs, e.g. you forgot your username, you need to contact the RRZK-Helpdesk.

Your ILIAS password runs through your personnel account. The personnel accounts are managed by an identity-management-system via the RRZK. Unfortunately, we are not able to look up or change your password. If a change is necessary you can change or reset it via the RRZK´s identity-management-system.

You enter your correct username and password but cannot log in? Or you receive the notification “authentication was not possible because of a log in error (LDAP)” („Die Authentifizierung konnte wegen eines Fehlers im Anmeldungsverfahren (LDAP) nicht durchgeführt werden“?)
Mostly Apple users are affected by this notification, especially in combination with Safari. A browser change to Chrome, Mozilla or Edge was able to solve the problem in some cases. Additionally, delete old cookies in your browser.

  1. Delete old cookies from your browser.
  2. Update your browser.
  3. Try to log in again.
If you are still not able to log in please send a support request.

ILIAS is connected with different systems of the University of Cologne. One of those is the connection to KLIPS. This connection enables the automatic transfer of your, in KLIPS generated, courses into an ILIAS course. This KLIPS/ILIAS interface copies the course data provided by KLIPS into ILIAS. In a nightly synchronization lecturers and course members are added to the ILIAS course. Also the course title and the course number are transferred. If you need help, please check the website of the KLIPS support on how you can create a course in KLIPS"Online help for teachers ” or contact the KLIPS-Support . < / p>

The courses for the coming term appear about six weeks before the start of lecture.

After the ILIAS courses were compiled, they will be synchronized every night with data from KLIPS 2. Updates from KLIPS 2 are therefore visible in ILIAS the next day. The interface between KLIPS and ILIAS is active from At the start of the term the complete reconciliation can last until morning.

Every person who is registered as lecturer for a course in KLIPS 2, will automatically be transferred as an administrator into the ILIAS course. Itis also possible to add persons as helpers. Lecturers as well as helpers are transferred as administrators to ILIAS. If you want to add your tutors with the tutor role and not as course administrators, you can do so in the members tab (see 2.5 differences between KLIPS and ILIAS tutors).

Please note: If you compile a KLIPS course and you enter the value of 0 in SWS, administrators WILL NOT be transferred from KLIPS to ILIAS. 0 SWS always means no lecturing obligation for the lecture. It is enough to enter 0,01 SWS. The interface uses the e-mail address you registered in KLIPS. Keep in mind that lecturers or helpers will not be transferred to ILIAS if they did not enter an e-mail address in KLIPS.
If you need help with KLIPS, we forward you to use the online help: " Online help for teachers ” or contact the

If you want to add ILIAS tutors besides lecturers in ILIAS you have to add the tutors via the members tab in the
ILIAS course. In KLIPS added tutors or lecturers will automatically be transferred as administrators in the ILIAS course. For more information check the KLIPS „Online-Hilfe Lehrende“ or use our handout "CCE-Handout Kursmanagement und ILIAS-KLIPS-Schnittstelle" in our data collection " Handouts und Klickanleitungen ".

Groups which you compiled from a KLIPS course will also be shown as such in the ILIAS course. Please note: The standard group will not be compiled as a group, it will become the ILIAS course. You therefore compile more groups in your course in KLIPS. During the registration for the course, the students state which of the possible groups they prefer. The students will then be assignment to a group with a random process in KLIPS.

Please note: You cannot use special signs such as, „<, >, #, \, `,´ or & for group names. This can cause problems during the data transfer between KLIPS and ILIAS.

Problems with creating groups and entering group administrators or tutors? Please use the KLIPS online help: "online help for teachers "or contact the KLIPS support .

Please do not delete the automatically created groups in ILIAS. As long as these groups still exist in the KLIPS-system the groups will be created in ILIAS again and again. Groups have already been created several times during extensive delete operations. It has also already happened that the comparison within the groups could no longer be carried out correctly. In addition to double groups, there were also double memberships. If you have created incorrectly or too many groups in KLIPS, first change the settings in KLIPS and send a message to our helpdesk. We will then technically monitor the process so that there are no errors in the interface.
Alternatively, it is possible to create the groups in ILIAS first. This is particularly suitable if you would like to support teamwork among the students at a later point in time in your course and the members of the respective groups have already been determined. You can find out more about groups, including the differences between a KLIPS and an ILIAS group, in the "CCE Handout ILIAS Gruppe" in our data collection " Handouts und Klickanleitungen ".

All in KLIPS compiled courses are offline by default and have to be put online manually. As long as a ILIAS course is offline students are not able to see the course on their working desk nor can they find it in the searching section. To put an ILIAS course online you need to open the tab settings and tick the box named online. Please safe your changes.
You can find our handout "CCE-Handout Kursmanagement und ILIAS-KLIPS-Schnittstelle" in our data collection "Handouts und Klickanleitungen ".

Besides our regular information events and workshops we also provide individual consultation. For more information please visit us on ILIAS.

Besides the semester dependent section in ILIAS, there is also an independent section. The independent sections are administrated by the faculties. You can find your contact in the following listing.
My professorial chair belongs to Faculty of Human Sciences
Please contact Daniel Konrath. Mr. Konrath is responsible for the independent section of the Faculty of Human Sciences. You can reach him via telephone: 0221 470- 4777 or via mail:
My professorial chair belongs to Faculty of Medicine
Please contact Birger Reiß. Mr. Reiß is responsible for the independent section for the Faculty of Medicine. You can reach him via telephone: 0221 470- 32664 or via mail:
My professorial chair belongs to the Faculty of  Law
Please contact Martin Boenigk. Mr. Boenigk is responsible for the independent section for the Faculty of Law. You can reach him via telephone: 0221 470- 1513 or via mail:
My professorial chair belongs to the Faculty of Philosophy
Please contact Dr. Tilmann Ochs. Mr. Ochs is responsible for the independent section for the Faculty of Philosophy. You can reach him via telephone: 0221 470- 6815 or via mail:
My professorial chair belongs to the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
Please contact the WiSo IT-Service. As there are a number of administrators for the independent section of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, we will provide you with the support`s subordinated contact. telephone: 0221 470- 6631 or via mail:
My professorial chair belongs to the Faculty of Mathematics and Science
There are a number of different administrators in respective departments of the faculty. Please write an e-mail to with the information to which department you belong to. It would be helpful if you specify where in ILIAS your category or course should be imbedded. We then will determine the right contact for you.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use ILIAS without a registered account. Though, you can request a personnel account for guest scientists, project partners or school students at the RRZK. Besides ILIAS you can also use the Webmail functions. You can find more about the procedure at the homepage of the RRZK under the tab personnel account.

In respect that only ILIAS should be used you can request a guest account. Guest accounts can be activated for six months and can be extended arbitrary for another six months. Please send us this form for a number of guest accounts to ""
If you need a various number of guest accounts please fill this form and attach the completed  Excel table as well.

The guest accounts are created every 1st and 15th day of the month. Please send us a list of all needed guest accounts before the 1st and/or 15th day of the current month - that way we can create the needed guest accounts for you in time.

We gladly extend your guest accounts. Please write an e-mail or use the support form. Our support form will ask you about all required information to extend your guest accounts. Call up the lecturer and employee section in the category guest accounts for project participants.

The ILIAS installation of the University of Cologne is connected to the ILIAS installations of the University of Bonn and Düsseldorf via the E-learning community server (ECS). This is particularly worthwhile when university events can be attended jointly by the students. The Bonn or Düsseldorf students log into the Bonn or Düsseldorf ILIAS and get access to the ILIAS courses of the UzK - and vice versa. In order for the Bonn and / or Düsseldorf students to be able to access the ILIAS courses of the UzK, they must be approved for the universities of Bonn and / or Düsseldorf. You can find out how to do this in our handout " CCE-Handout Kursmanagement und ILIAS-KLIPS-Schnittstelle“ in unserer Datensammlung" in our data collection "Handouts und Klickanleitungen".

The ILIAS system of the University of Cologne is connected through the E-Learning-Community-Server (ECS) with the ILIAS system of the University of Bonn. The ECS is run by the University of Bonn. At the moment a connection between ILIAS, Moodle and StudIP is possible. To make such a connection possible some preparations are needed and system administrators of both organizations need to work closely. If you strive for such a cooperation please get in touch with us (and the partner University) early.

ILIAS provides many different digital tools. To give you a brief overview we prepared a handout: "CCE-Handout_ILIAS Tools in der Übersicht und die Auswahl der Tools". Besides the tool overview we also focused on tool selection. You can find the handout in our E-Learning manual. You will find helpful information how to plan fortified digital courses and guides for different tools. You can find examples in the learn module Good-Practice, documented courses and reports in the tool collection in the wiki about possible applications of the different tools. Do you want to set up your course with ILIAS tools and need some advice? We will gladly support you with your concepts and tool selection. Please send us a message to: elearning-ilias(at)

At the top right of the header you will find a small floating ring. The online help is hidden here.
You can find our support materials in our E-Learning Handbuch. Here you will find the answers in most cases.
Still have questions? Use our support form: Supportanfrage stellen.
Come to our "Offene Sprechstunde: Digitales Lehren & Prüfen".
Or contact our help desk by phone:

Tuesday 12:00 to 15:00
Wednesday 14:00 bis 17:00

Tel: 0221 - 470 4014
To enable you to get started quickly, we have created a handout for you: "CCE-Handout zu Dateien und Ordner in ILIAS". You can find the handout in our data collection "Handouts und Klickanleitungen".

As stated in the conditions of use of ILIAS, you are only allowed to share contents that you own. If it is external material, you have to note the copyright. The following link is a vague summary about the copyright and the uploading of media in lectures and ILIAS: „Informationen zum UrhWissG“

From every ILIAS course you can easily research and digitize essays and articles at the USB.  
You can find more information at [Elektronischer Semesterapparat] Digitale Texte nach § 60a UrhG bei der USB bestellen. We have summarized how you can use the electronic semester reserve in our handout "CCE-Handout_Elektronischer Semesterapparat". You can find the handout in our data collection "Handouts und Klickanleitungen" download.

With the web folder function, you can display ILIAS folders in a windows explorer folder.  Follow the instructions:
Windows 10:
  1. Navigate to the object you want to create as web folder.
  2. Click on the blue action button, which you find in the right top corner.
  3. Choose the option “Als Webordner öffnen” from the drop-down menu.
  4. ILIAS will open a new page with the following instructions:
  5. Copy the link from the address bar   xxxx, because the number after "ref_" is always individual).
  6. Open your Explorer.
  7. Add the previously copied link into the online path of your windows explorer and press the enter button.
  8. A small window will open. Please enter your ILIAS login data.
  9. The web folder of the object will open up in your Explorer.
  10. Copy the folder and data structure into the window of your Explorer.

Within your course, or within any object, go to the export tab and confirm the create export file command. In the appearing overview, you specify for each object with a click, whether it should be exported or omitted. Then select “start export” and the export file (xml-file) will be generated. Reload the page if the export file is not displayed immediately. You can then download the export file (checkmark and confirm download). The course, or object, is exported as a zip folder. If you want to re-import the course, select Add new object in a category, then Course (or subject) and Option 2: Import course. Specify the Zip folder via Browse and confirm with Import.
Important NOTE: Do not rename it. Most time the ILIAS-system isn´t able to import a renamed-xml-file. In this case you will receive the error message “xml-manifest konnte nicht gefunden werden”

You will find detailed instructions, including screenshots, in our handout „CCE Kurzanleitung- ILIAS internes Nachrichtensystem" in our data collection "Handouts und Klickanleitungen".

Due to an adjustment of all UzK-systems you are not allowed to indicate a private Email-address in ILIAS. All new accounts are automatically assigned with @uni-koeln-addresses. Old accounts which are still indicated with private addresses will be updated with official university addresses by ILIAS. 

All accounts and personnel accounts are generated in ILIAS with official university addresses. Your E-Mail-alias can only be changed or removed via the Identity management of the university of Cologne (uniKIM): Identitätsmanagement der Universität zu Köln (uniKIM).

You can find the handout „CCE-Handout Kursmanagement und ILIAS-KLIPS-Schnittstelle" in our data collection "Handouts und Klickanleitungen".

In our handout “CCE-Handout ILIAS internes Nachrichtensystem" you will also find questions. By  answering this questions, we receive all technical information that we need to solve technical problem. You can find our handout in our data collection " handouts and click instructions "

If you previously tried to upload a file via drag & drop you can use the application “Choose a file of your computer”. Please note that the file is limited to a size of 600 MB. Please use a different browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge) if problems continue to occur.

Please note that files containing any special characters [e.g. “Ä, Ü, Ö, !, ”, §, $, %, &, /, (, ), =, ?, #, +, *, ^, °] in the title lead to multiple errors and data corruption

Hint: Please note that your file is renamed into the .sec format due to our “security update”. Common and safety-related harmless file formats like .docx, .pptx or .pdf can be downloaded without problems. Other file formats like .iso are uploaded normally, but a .sec ending is added. See 7.4.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are problems with uploading materials after changing your browser: support formular.

The security of ILIAS has been updated by our developers due to the hacking attempt on the federal government. Especially self-running application files are therefore a risk for the learning platform. Common and security-related file formats like .docx, .pptx, .pdf, or ppsm, can be uploaded without any problems. Some data formats like .iso can be uploaded, but are get changed to a .sec file. Please note that the file will not be corrupted: The file cannot be opened within ILIAS and therefore does not pose a threat to our learning platform. The ending .sec only stops the executing part of the file, students are able to download the file and rename it in order to use it. Example via an .iso file: Rename XXX.sec in XXX.iso. Alternatively, you can compress your file as a zip, which can be uploaded in ILIAS. Extract the zip after downloading it. You can send us files that have to be renamed into the .sec format any time. We will contact our developers if the format may be considered a security risk to the system. We will erase the format provided by you from our blacklist if it has not been considered to be a risk. The file can only be uploaded after those steps.

Please check if your browser blocks specific elements due to security risks:
Instructions for Mozilla Firefox
Instructions for Internet Explorer
Instructions for Google Chrome
Instructions for Safari
Instructions for Opera
Furthermore, an old version of flash can cause incompatibilities. Please make sure that you updated your flash-plugin to the newest version.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter an incompatibility with the recording of a lecture provided by the sever “Opencast Matterhorn”. Please delete cache and cookies and try changing your browser first before contacting

If it is not your browser or the plug-in or Opencast, you can send us a support request. In our practical support form, all information is requested as needed.

The most frequent cause why a KLIPS course is not transferred to ILIAS is that it was manually entered that no ILIAS course should be generated. New courses in KLIPS hold in the entry “0” in the column “LV Kat”. This means that a ILIAS course will be generated automatically.  It is possible that somebody choose the option „Keinen ILIAS-Kurs erstellen“ in the category group of KLIPS. Especially if more persons are responsible for the creation of KLIPS courses. The ILIAS support is not allowed to change settings in KLIPS for you. Visit the „Online-Hilfe“ from KLIPS: „Online-Hilfe Lehrende“. If you need help, please contact the KLIPS-Support.

Changes in KLIPS will be transferred 24h - at the latest 48 h later, to ILIAS. If not, please contact us via our support form.

After you created a KLIPS course with lecturers or supervisors and entered the value 0, the administrators will not be transferred to ILIAS. The interface management uses the registered e-mail address in KLIPS. It is necessary to register an address in KLIPS otherwise lecturers or supervisors will not be transferred from KLIPS to ILIAS as well. Problems can occur if persons were employed at the university in the past. The computer center often creates a new account with the old personnel number. Even though you are added in KLIPS with your new account name the interface will probably add the old account as an administrator to the ILIAS course. If this is the case with your account, do not hesitate to contact us. We will then delete the old account manually from the interface and register your new account.

If you have problems with adjustments in visit the „Online-Hilfe“ from KLIPS: „Online-Hilfe Lehrende“. If you need help, please contact the KLIPS-Support.

The changes will be visible in ILIAS within the next 24 hours. If this is not the case please contact us. Our support form will ask for all information that we need to solve the case will be asked.

If you add an administrator into an ILIAS course it will be removed by the synchronization with KLIPS again. The interface will compare the e-mail addresses from course-administrators and supervisors. As KLIPS is the leading platform, all administrators need to be registered properly in KLIPS. Please keep in mind that the KLIPS course needs to have a value of 0 in the teaching responsibilities category.

If you have problems with adjustments in visit the „Online-Hilfe“ from KLIPS: „Online-Hilfe Lehrende“. If you need help, please contact the KLIPS-Support.

The changes will be visible in ILIAS within the next 24 hours. If this is not the case please contact us. Our support form asks for all information that we need to solve the case.

Only students who received a Fixplatz will be transferred to the KLIPS course. Students who are on the waiting list will not be transferred as members of the course. Students who unsubscribe from the course or are signed out will be automatically removed from the ILIAS course.

First-semester-students. First semesters reserve the courses in KLIPS BEFORE they are basically run as regular students in the system. These are not transferred. This means that the semester has to start first and students have to change their applicants to a regular student account. 

If students are missing in the ILIAS course despite having a Fixplatz or the manual adding does not work, please contact us via our support form. Here we will ask you for all necessary information to solve your case.

This is triggered if a group name is changed in KLIPS 2. If you changed the group names after the groups were created this will cause the creation of a new group. In ILIAS this change will not automatically be renamed but a new group with the renamed course will be added. If this is the case, please contact us via our support form. All necessary information will be asked to solve your problem.

The most common reason why groups are missing is that it contains special symbols in the group title. These include symbols like #,<,>,`or &. The first step ist to change the name in KLIPS. If you have problems with adjustments in KLIPS you can contact the KLIPS support. The changes will be visible in ILIAS within the next 24 hours. If this is not the case please contact us via our support form. Here we aks all information that we need to solve the case.